A break-in is probably one of the worst scenarios imaginable for any holiday homeowner. Not only has your getaway sanctuary been violated, but you will also have to make the journey to liaise with the police, provide evidence for your insurance company and clean up the inevitable mess.

When you factor in isolated locations, guests coming and going, and the fact that the house is not always occupied, protecting your holiday home from robbery can get tricky. But with some simple routine measures and the installation of security devices, you can make your getaway home a safe and secure place for you and your guests.

Secure your doors and windows

Most burglars will use the front door, back door or a first-floor window to gain entry, so it’s to secure these entrances efficiently. If you are looking for best   Security Doors  Melbourne  company you must need to check their review and experience.

  • Remind guests to lock up every time they leave the property and at night;
  • Install security doors on every exterior door. The key to these doors should be stored in a combination lockbox, and you should change the combination regularly;
  • If a key is lost, replace the locks as soon as possible; and
  • Consider installing security screens on downstairs windows.

Jim’s Security Doors can offer affordable security doors and windows in a range of styles and colours to suit your holiday home. Our security doors are made of corrosion-resistant materials, perfect for mountain and seaside residences. To organise a free measure and quote, call us today on 13 15 46.

Security lighting

Install sensor lights to light up the front and back entrances. Not only does light deter thieves, but it might also alert people inside the property that someone may be sculking outside.

Secure the outside

Be careful not to give robbers an easy way in. Store garden tools and ladders securely in a locked shed and remove any loose bricks or stone that could be used to smash a window. You must need to install best quality  security screen doors  for your home safety.

Get to know the neighbours

If your holiday home has nearby neighbours, it’s a good idea to make friends with them. They can keep an eye on your property, check for signs of damage and watch out for any suspicious activity. If you feel safe doing so, you could also leave them with a spare key. You must install iron or aluminium front security doors for your home.


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