What is the Settlement Process for a Rented Property ?

Whether you are the tenant, buyer or seller, you will need to understand the settlement process for a rented property that has been purchased to ensure you have a good understanding of your rights and obligations.

If you live in a rented property or plan to buy or sell a property with an ongoing lease arrangement, it’s important to understand how you can expect the settlement process to affect you. As the tenant of a leased property that has been sold, you may be concerned about whether or not you will be able to continue living in the property after settlement. Will the sale process affect your lease? As the buyer, you may also be concerned about the existing lease agreement and whether the property is likely to see a period of vacancy when you take over ownership. Does the tenant have the right to break the lease now that there is a new owner? You must know What does conveyancer do that is very important to understand

In this article, we answer some commonly asked questions about the settlement process for a rented property and what it means for everyone involved.

I’m a tenant. Will I be kicked out of my rental property when the new owner takes possession?

Don’t panic if your landlord advises you that they are putting your home on the market; it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to find a new place to live. Many investors prefer to sell their properties with tenancy intact as this is a selling point for other investors. Do you know conveyancer fees if not ask for conveyancing company

You may find that the new owner is another investor and will be happy to continue leasing the property to you. If not, there are several potential outcomes that are determined by your lease agreement.

  1. If you have a fixed-term lease, you cannot be evicted unless you breach your contract. After the contract expires, your landlord can evict you with 30-60 days (depending on your state/territory laws) of written notice.
  2. If you have a periodic lease, your landlord can evict you with 30-60 days (depending on your state/territory laws) of written notice once the sale contract has been signed.
  3. If you and your landlord come to a mutual agreement, you can break your lease at any time.

In Australia, there are laws to protect tenants from any potential problems when their rental property is sold. Your current lease agreement cannot be broken either before, during or after the sale unless either you breach the contract, or you do so by mutual agreement with your landlord. What conveyancers do. There are so many things you must know

I am buying a rental property as an investor. When will I start receiving rental payments?

You start earning rent on the day of settlement. It is usually a simple process to divide one month’s rental income by the settlement date, but problems can arise if the tenant prepaid or owed rent. What is conveyancing you must know about it.

If the tenant has paid their rent in advance, you do not lose your income. The previous owner is obligated to reimburse you for any rental income they received for any period after the settlement date. Any rental income received in the past that covers tenancy after you took over ownership is yours and will need to be paid to you in full.

What is the Settlement Process for a Rented Property In Australia 2022?

Likewise, if the tenant owes money on the property and makes payment after the settlement date, the previous owner is entitled to that sum.

Although these matters can be complicated, they can be managed by your conveyancer at the time of settlement. You and the vendor may agree to alter the sale price according to money owed/already paid on the property, which your conveyancer can adjust in the Contract of Sale. 

I am purchasing a rental property, but I want to live in it myself. How can I make sure the tenant is gone by the settlement date? ( If the terms of sale state that the currently leased property will be tenant free on the day of settlement, it is the seller’s responsibility to ensure vacant occupancy. As the buyer, there is nothing you can do. 

Vendors need to abide by tenancy laws, so if their current tenant is in the middle of a fixed-term contract, they cannot stipulate that the property will be vacant unless they have already come to an agreement with their tenant. In the case of fixed-term leases, the buyer is entitled to delay settlement if the property cannot be vacant by the date agreed with the seller.

If their tenant is on a periodic (usually a month-by-month) agreement, they must provide at least 30 days written notice to vacate, though, in some states or territories, it is up to 60. 

It is always best to check your tenancy agreement and state/territory laws before agreeing to settlement terms with a buyer. An experienced conveyancer can provide sellers with the necessary advice to enable the successful settlement of a leased property. 

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