With the increasing demand for customized lenses and fashionable eyeglasses, experts from the eye industry have been able to provide a vast amount of information that is available with them and hinted that the information was mined rigorously to produce high-end single vision glasses. The new products coming out of that intense mining and designing operation have been widely praised by glass wearers and enthusiasts.

If you don’t know yet how single vision glasses work and benefits, then carry on reading this informative post.

Single vision lens is the most popular type of eyesight correction in prescription eyeglasses. It is used by people to correct any one disorder, i.e. farsightedness or nearsightedness, or astigmatism. This type of lens uses only a single optical prescription power, which is generally spread over the whole of the lens (or the entire surface area of the lens to the periphery). This function helps to distribute the focus evenly over the whole lens. Single vision glasses may be also termed reading glasses as they are specific to work. You may either use them for reading or driving and even playing.

You can visit any optometrist to determine the right prescription if you are affected by any of the 3 aforementioned disorders. However, if you are affected with multiple eye conditions or disorders at the same time, then you will need bifocal or multi-focal lenses.

How effective are single vision prescription glasses?

 The market is flooded with low-quality glasses and you need to determine the right source. You can either approach your trusted optician or you may buy from any physical stores. Buying online is also another option that comes with exciting offers and discounts. A local optician or offline store may not also be able to provide a suitable warranty for the glasses. Hence, users are mostly flocking to online sites such as Vision Direct to virtually try (see below) some elegant and classic designs.

With an abundance of information, hi-tech environment, and the prospect of configuration and design assembly as the key driving elements, Vision Direct has launched and impressed customers with impeccable visual quality and acuity in their native glasses. Do check some of them below.

Use Virtual Try-On to try some cool and effective single vision glasses

A key technology called Virtual Try-On is able to engage and satisfy customers early with its impressive selfie-video recording and digital analysis. It is used to virtually try or select the best frame or glass to fit your face and the right selection of prescription glasses is usually determined by highly potential online software.

All you need to use this amazing technology is your mobile or laptop to record a selfie video (see selfie video making tips) and submit it, post that you can select the best frames and glasses and order them from home.

5 Best Single Vision Prescription Glasses For Adults And Kids

Many glasses-wearers have often complained of bad quality vision with their glasses. This may happen due to incorrect positioning and alignment of lens material during manufacturing. It may incur additional cost to you and hence finding cheap single vision prescription glasses may be time-consuming. But for your ease, we have tabled some top and best single vision prescription eyeglasses for both adults and kids.

Eyeglass Specification Frame Color
SmartBuy Kids Mel K8A Frame Shape: Round Frame Style: Full Rim Frame Material: Acetate Lens Material: Customisable Blue and Matte Red
SmartBuy Kids Brianna PK13B Frame Shape: Square Frame Style: Full Rim Frame Material: Plastic Lens Material: Customisable Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Brown
Boss Orange BO 0146 KUN Frame Shape: Rectangle Frame Style: Full Rim Frame Material: Acetate Lens Material: Customisable Transparent Grey and Black
Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster 2000 Frame Shape: Wayfarer Frame Style: Full Rim Frame Material: Acetate Lens Material: Customisable Black, Brown, Blue/Grey Striped, Gold Mock Tortoise, Wrinkled Blue/Black, and many more
Oakley OX8080 CROSSLINK ZERO Asian Fit 808003 Frame Shape: Rectangle Frame Style: Full Rim Frame Material: Plastic Lens Material: Customisable Matte and Satin Black, Polished Grey Shadow, Satin Grey Smoke

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